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In this tough economy, sales executives need all the help they can get to close sales.  Selling at the C-Level provides an edge – a golden arrow in your selling quiver.  Why?  Because hidden in plain sight, within the financial data of your prospect, are the keys to close any deal.

Salespeople are most comfortable creating good relationships and extolling their product’s features and benefits; however, their customer’s senior buyers only want to hear about – in precise detail – the financial impact of the products and services they want to buy.  Growing and nurturing their company’s bottom lines and reaching critical financial milestones is what drives senior C-Level executives to ultimately buy a product or service.  Therefore, unless you can detail this information in the urgent financial language of senior buyers, you are just another sales professional in the crowd selling fuzzy features & benefits.  

Our goal is to teach you a skill that you can use over and over again to initiate and close more and bigger sales.  This C-Level Financial Acumen skill set works in synergy with any sales technique or model such as: Relationship Sales, Value-Added Sales, Problem-Solving Sales, Consultative Sales or Spin Selling.

Whether you are selling products that will reduce your prospect's cost of sales or improve their operating cash flow or offering a service to improve gross margin by reducing labor costs, we will show you how to employ deal-closing financial acumen in any sales situation.  In fact, your increased financial prowess will not just be one of the most valuable business skills you may ever learn as a sales professional it will support you for the rest of your career as a sales executive.

From opening calls and letters to proposal writing and communicating one on one with C-Level executives, you will learn how to use your customer’s financial data to increase sales revenue.  As one person put it, "It is finally having the financial savvy and confidence to evaluate each of my targets and detail how to use their actual financial data to make my numbers."   

Since 1996, we have realized that the financial acumen of most sales professionals was cursory at best.  Because of this disconnect salespeople frequently fail miserably over and over again when they are asked by senior management to demonstrate how their product solves key financial concerns.

This “million-dollar disconnect” is the great divide salespeople must either cross to make more and bigger sales continue to settle for underperformance and not making their numbers.

Live Online Program

The vehicle you will use to cross the divide is a cutting edge, high-retention, e-Learning tool grounded in immediate, practical application.  Our on-demand e-Learning program with live mentoring and real-life customer practice will give you the confidence and ability you need to:

  • Stand as an equal with senior executives

  • Be regarded more as a trusted advisor than just another convincing salesperson

  • Comfortably sell the financial impact of your products and services

  • Increase your close rate

  • Relate your product to the key metrics and strategic financial objectives your customer is focused on and measured against
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C-Level  adj.  corporate title used to describe high-ranking, decision making executives within an organization

Your program has six-steps to ensure success:

We keep you on track and offer consistent support by sending you a series of weekly emails that contain the week's training curriculum.  These emails are your essential road map through the sales skills learning process.

We ask you to answer a pre-program assessment sales quiz to set a benchmark for your current C-Level financial acumen skills.  Don't worry, many sales executives score on the lower end of this test.

You will dive into 9-hours of hands-on, activity-based eLearning to get you to think and act like the C-Level prospects you are targeting.  By utilizing the Internet to deliver the Selling at the C-Level program you will be able to complete the course on the road or in the comfort of your home or office environment.

To make you more effective, we provide you with a robust, practical, Participant Guide to help move you through the course.  This sales guide can be used immediately to help close your next sale.

We recognize that completing an intense financial training on your own is difficult.  Therefore, we provide four hours of live, small group mentoring spaced over four “touch points” with one of our resident experts.  Your mentor will be your coach and will answer all of your questions and to ensuring your completion of the course.  Think of us as your own online sales coach whose only job is to help you reach your quota.

We will give you your own copy of our proprietary tool called the Automated Financial Analyzer.  You will use the Analyzer to lay out your strategic financial plan to win the business of your senior buyers.  This tool will also be your hip pocket helper to calculate the critical financial ratios that are bedeviling your prospect and that you can impact.  You will have a powerful sales tool to complement your new financial skill and insight in every subsequent sale.
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