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Sales Leaders
In 2014, the demands on sales leaders are greater than ever. They need to have high-level financial acumen to:

Understand their company’s financial numbers and measures and master the skills of financial analysis to help their company reach its strategic objectives.

Help their salespeople – who as a functional area have notoriously low financial acumen – grow their confidence and ability to sell the financial impact of their products and services to their customer’s senior decision 

While salespeople are most comfortable creating good relationships and extolling their product’s features and benefits, their customer’s senior buyers only want to hear about – in precise detail – the financial impact of the products and services they want to purchase. 

- This is the “million-dollar disconnect” that sales leaders must end -
We propose a solution that helps sales leaders to:

End the disconnect by becoming a financial mentor to their teams.

Become a great financial decision-maker for their own company.

Selling at the C-Level is on on-demand eLearning program with live mentoring that will give sales leaders a mini-MBA in financial basics and the intermediate skills of financial analysis and decision making. 
The program has six steps to ensure the team’s success:

Weekly emails to keep team members on track and guide the process.

A pre-program assessment to set a benchmark for C-Level financial acumen.

9-hours of hands-on, activity-based eLearning to deliver C-Level acumen at their convenience and in their private, non-judgmental learning environment.

A robust, practical Participant Guide to apply the learning immediately to making real sales with real customers.

4-hours of live, small group mentoring spaced over five formal touch points. An internal mentor is trained to lead this powerful, practical support process.

A copy of the Automated Financial Analyzer to helps each team member lay out and work with team members to perfect a financial strategy to win the business of senior buyers.

This is a special, 12-week training program that occurs a few times every year. Call for more details. 
C-Level  adj.  corporate title used to describe high-ranking, decision making executives within an organization

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