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As a sales manager, your numbers are your team’s numbers.  If you assemble a star team, provide them with a great product to sell, and give them the proper training and tools needed to close a sale, then the chances of your team making your numbers are strong.  

Since 1994, Selling at the C-Level has been training sales teams to make their numbers.  We give sales teams an edge by providing them with advanced sales training that focuses on the financial metrics of a prospect.  This ensures sales success because we train your team how to formulate and present your sales solution to C-Level executives utilizing high level financial acumen language.

Why do we do take this approach?  

  • We realize that the key decision makers at the C-Level of an organization only want to see the tangible financial results that your product can provide.  

  • We know that many sales executives, cannot articulate this type of information at the detail level needed to close a sale at the C-Level of an organization.  

  • Large item sales are always formulated and closed at the C-level, not at the midlevel of an organization.

Midlevel Sales Targeting:  

The sales tactics of most organizations are a product of the marketing arm of their companies whose goal is to target the midlevel areas of a company.  Tactics such as a new website or brochure, pretty ROI charts or demographic studies on products and services work well at these levels.  

Why do these tactics work well with mid-level managers?  Midlevel managers are only interested at not going over budget and thus look for the shiniest product or service at the least price.  Marketing departments know this; so, their typical approach is to make your product more attractive than the competition.  Another reason these tactics work is because midlevel managers control the budgets of an organization.  The midlevel of an organization is where the budgets reside and as sales managers we train our sales executives to ‘chase the budgets’.  

Is this a wrong approach?  Absolutely not!  In fact, most of you reading this work for very successful companies that sell millions of dollars worth of product to this midlevel area of a company where the budgets exist.  Unfortunately, because the budgets are set by upper level managers at the C-Level the decision making process at the midlevel is frequently rigid and inflexible.  Midlevel managers want the best price so they can look good to upper management; as a result, your sales team frequently has to compete by constantly lowering the price of your product and thus reducing margins.  Also, the competition is fierce at the midlevel and unfortunately there is not a lot you can do to control the competition which also has access to your prospect and utilizes many of the same sales tools you provide your team.

Breaking Free:  

Wouldn’t it be a better approach to target the level of an organization where the budgets are made rather than where the budgets reside?  Wouldn’t your close rates be stronger and sales cycles shorter if your team could rise above all the midlevel games that are played by your competition and target the true decision makers of an organization?  Wouldn’t it better for your sales executives to be regarded more as a trusted advisors than just another convincing sales team?  Wouldn’t it be great to go on sales calls with your sales executives and stand as an equals with senior executives and comfortably sell the financial impact of your products and services?  Finally, wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to present your product projecting proper financial acumen with clear strategic financial objectives to the C-Level of an organization?

Think of the power and respect your organization will have within your prospects firm.  Instead of chasing existing budgets that are derived months in advance without any input from your company, your sales team will be interacting and formulating with the senior executives that create these budgets.  

The net result will be that your sales executives will be viewed as trusted and respected experts by your prospect and not as a “line item” expense.  Finally, this will place your company in a much better long-term position for retention, up-sell and cross-sell sales of your products and services.

Next Steps (1-6):  

We tested the financial acumen of over 30,000 businesspeople.  Most salespeople score on the lowest end of the C-Level financial acumen scale while senior executives score, of course, on the highest.  We took this as a sign.  If sales executives did not understand the complexity of the key financial drivers needed to run a successful business, how could they successfully sell to an organization that requires this level of detail as part of the sales process?

So our first step is establish a benchmark for each of your sales executives.  We ask your team to answer a pre-program assessment to measure their current C-Level financial acumen skills.  Don't worry, many sales executives score on the lower end of this test.

Once the assessment is complete, we keep your team up to date by sending them a series of weekly emails that contain the week's training curriculum.  These emails act as an essential road map through the sales skills learning process.

To get your team to think and act like the C-Level prospects they are targeting, they will dive into 9-hours of hands-on, activity-based e-Learning.  By utilizing the Internet to deliver the Selling at the C-Level program they will be able to complete the course on the road or in the comfort of their home or office environment.  Since we do not require in-house class time per se your team can stay focused and on the road making deals.

To make your team more effective, we provide them with a customized, robust, practical, Participant Guide to help move them through the course.  This sales guide can be used immediately as a primer to help close their next sale.

We recognize that completing an intense financial training on their own maybe difficult for some team members; therefore, we will train you to act as your team’s sales mentor and coach.  You will be provided with the tracking tools to evaluate your team’s completion rate and test scores.  As your team’s mentor you will be trained to provide hours of live, small group mentoring spaced over four “touch points”.  Finally, you will be trained to answer all of the questions your team has and to ensure each team member complete the course.  

We will give each member of your team their own copy of our proprietary tool called the Automated Financial Analyzer.  They will use the Automated Financial Analyzer to lay out future strategic financial plans for prospects and to win the business of senior buyers.  

This Automated Financial Analyzer tool will also be their hip pocket helper to calculate the critical financial ratios that are bedeviling your prospect and that your team can impact.  They will have a powerful sales tool to complement their new financial skills and insight in every subsequent sale.
C-Level  adj.  corporate title used to describe high-ranking, decision making executives within an organization

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