"I believe that the #1 reason our National Accounts salespeople do not attempt to engage at the C-level, P-level, VP-level or D-level (and perhaps any other level that isn’t purchasing or maintenance) is based on their FEAR of being asked financial questions that they CAN’T answer."

National Account Sales Vice-President for Multi-National
"Thank you helping us become better leaders. If you choose to lead, your job is to create context and provide support to all around you. You have to deliver safety and meaning if you expect to achieve results. The power you have as a leader is in others- to harness that, they need to feel safe to strive and thrive, and they must be clear about the why."

Bob Hedges, SVP, Fidelity Distribution Division
"The hands on practice is perhaps the program's strongest feature. When staff left the session, they were equipped to implement what they learned. They are receiving high praise and compliments from other departments about the improved quality and effectiveness of their presentations. Staff is actually looking forward to our presentations—a true testimony to the program’s impact and effectiveness."

Adda Alexander, R.N—Chief of Nursing; 
Maricopa Medical Center
3375 Edison Way,  Menlo Park, CA 94025
"The training accomplishes two major objectives for our sales force. First, it drives home the fundamentals of basic financial understanding by emphasizing the impact on financial results. Second, we take that financial knowledge and apply it to the specific goals that our clients have. It enables us to work with our customers to find ways they can improve their results."

Charlie Young; VP Sales; 
ABB North America, Automation Technology Division
"Effectively training co-workers in today's business environment demands flexibility, customization, and accessibility. You worked with our Executive Financial Staff and our University Team to produce a tailor-made, online learning solution for our Leadership Academy participants. I am happy to be your customer."

Erika Hernandez; Manager of Training and Development; 
Amcor Sunclipse, NA
"The program was enjoyable. It was very interactive and provided ease in and out of the system. It is the best web-based business training I have had. The exercises were helpful. The training tied back to our business operations which was helpful. We run our operations to maximize value. We are focused on products and service for our customer base and what we must do do from a prudent business perspective."

Chris Heinet; Director Customer Experience; 
ABB, Inc.
"I LOVE IT! Everything from the course overview, the narrator and Billy the guitar playing investor is amazing. It's remarkable and a very handy tool for businesses and schools."

Sonja Williams; Owner; 
Passionate About Diversity
"This training has provided me an understanding of how to read a financial statement and differentiate the different types of statements and how each one is related. Take it from someone who couldn't even balance their check book. I have truly enjoyed this program training. It was a fun learning tool as well."

Maritess Selag; Human Resources; 
Model Dairy - a division of Dean Foods
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C-Level  adj.  corporate title used to describe high-ranking, decision making executives within an organization

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"I will change the way that I do my business activity, because I will be consider all the things about risk that I learned in this course." 

Eduardo Lara; Account Manager; 
ABB Mexico